4 Hotel Supplies You Should Provide In Your Hotel Room

As a hotel owner, you have to provide the best service for your clients for you to get repeat business and also grow your business. To keep the hotel visitors comfortable you should provide them with all the necessary supplies. The supplies that you should provide them with include:

Toothbrush and toothpaste

While most guests know that they have to brush their teeth, few of them carry their toothbrushes and toothpaste with them. For the guests to keep on remembering you, you should provide a surprise toothpaste and toothbrush kit in the hotel room. As rule of thumb, the two should be new. Since the guests will most likely use it once or carry it with them, you shouldn’t invest in a high-end kit. All you need to do is ensure that the kit of good quality.

Slippers 분당풀싸롱

When the guests step into the hotel room, they feel like they are at home and want to be as comfortable as possible. One of the ways of ensuring that the guests are comfortable is providing them with slippers to walk around with. You can provide several pairs of slippers or ask the guests the type of slippers that they want. The type that you provide should depend on the type of hotel that you operate. If you have a low-end amenity, you should provide cheap slippers but if your hotel is high-end your slippers should also be high-end. To give a professional look, it’s always wise that you customize them with the hotel logo or name.

Water bottles

Most of the guests check in late in the night when there are no stores open. To quench their thirst, they look for water and don’t find any. To leave a lasting image, you should provide free water bottles in your hotel room. You shouldn’t go for the high end-end water. Regular water is enough all you need to do is ensure that it’s of good quality.


If you visit most hotels you will find that most of them don’t have hangers. This shouldn’t be you. To give your guests a place to place their clothes without getting them wrinkled you should provide them with cloth hangers. When installing the hangers, install those that can come off the bar. Don’t worry about them getting stolen. No guest worth his/her salt will steal old hangers

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